Digitisation of Finance

Connecting Commerce with Finance through Smart Receipts, Unified Loyalty Rewards and Smart Payments.


Paper bills get printed to get into the dustbin. Just one transaction for payments, rewards and itemised smart receipts without having to share your email id or phone number when shopping.


Contactless payments, receipts and unified interchangeable loyalty rewards, without losing the very purpose of 'loyalty' and creating a value for customer loyalty reward.


Smarter finance and expense management for customers that provides actionable insights on spends, budgets and helps the consumers take smart shopping decisions.

Give your Business a Boost

Businesses and Retailers go digital smart and stop printing paper receipts that goes into the dustbin.

Receipt could have been a smart receipt! It is a pity that we waste so much of paper, oil and water to print paper receipts that mostly has very little significance.  With over 230 Millions tons of paper waste and 12 billion gallons of water & 55 billion litres oil is used every year, at the cost hundreds of millions of trees globally. Also, if any person wanted to go for an exchange or return of a product, the old receipt was important, but chances were very less that they found it and if at all they found it, the ink was almost faded away and difficult to read out anything from the paper receipt. This sort of water, paper, trees and oil wastage is a pressing concern across the globe. Come on businesses across the globe and pledge to go smart go-green today.

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